ASA Safe Riders Program
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Dates and Times can be Tentative for now
Choose all the options that apply to communicate date and time along with your flexibility at this point. Depending on the interest shown by schools in your area we may need to shuffle schedules a bit. To honor our donors we endeavor to create a schedule that minimizes mileage and maximizes school visits.
Length of the Program is flexible
We recommend: 60 minutes for K-Gr 4, 60-90 minutes for Gr 5-6, 90 minutes for Gr 7-12. The extra time allows for more interaction and physical activities. Longer presentation times allow for avalanche safety information to be covered as well.
Program Content is customized for each age and learning needs
Large groups of students can be split into age ranges. This allows us to target our message and tone to the comprehension level of the audience. For an effective presentation we like to work with a maximum of 125 students per group. Depending on set up, tear down and travel time between schools, we can often run 2 presentations in the morning and 2 in each afternoon.

Group exercises . .ASA Safe Riders Hand Signals
Presentation Location
A gymnasium is the ideal location as this large space allows us to include active exercises and group work. Students typically sit on the floor or on mats. We tend to avoid bleachers or chairs as they interfere with the activities and reduces the level of engagement with the presenter.
Other Details
The Safe Riders Instructor will arrive with a truck and trailer 60 minutes before the first presentation time. Please ensure that someone is available to let us into the school if we need to set up before the doors are unlocked in the morning.

Our set up includes a mini quad and mini snowmobile, avalanche safety equipment and other props, as well as banners, projectors, and a full audio / video package suitable for a gymnasium. All we would require the school to provide is 2 tables and 2 chairs. 
We provide 2 portable screens, however if the school has a blank wall or large fixed-mounted projector screen we would love the larger surface to project onto.  Our activities are interactive and physical and work best in the large open space of a gymnasium.  Rather than chairs or bleachers we prefer that students sit on the floor or on mats. 

We will require 40 minutes to load out following the final presentation.

By no means necessary, but if any students might be available to help us load in or out we always appreciate the help!!

Any questions, please contact  Lori or Joan at 403-850-3042 or
Mini quad and Mini sled part of display