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Partners of Alberta Safe Riders - RCMP Officers, Bylaw Officers, Media Personnel, Health Officials and  Snowmobile Clubs
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Permission to Share Contact Info
Do we have your permission to include your contact information in our Presentation Details?  This information is shared with the School and the other Safe Rider Partners.  (For example: RCMP/Bylaw, Media, Health Officials & Snowmobile Clubs).  By sharing all details with our partners we keep the program running smoothly with everyone literally on the same page.
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Which School/Presentation(s) do you plan on attending? 
In the informational email that was sent to you previously, the school(s) presentation times and dates were provided.  We understand that plans may change last minute however, please let us know which presentation you are expecting to attend.  
Do you wish to speak?
Please let us know if you wish to speak during the presentation.  If  so, what is your topic and approximately how many minutes do you need? 5-10 minutes maximum.
Presentation Materials
Let us know if you will be bringing presentation materials, equipment or props.  You are welcome to use our AV equipment. 
Significant OHV Accidents/Close Calls
Have there been any significant OHV incidents or close calls in the area?  One of our high school exercises focuses on how a combination of contributing and mitigating factors influence the severity and outcome of all OHV incidents.  Analyzing local incidents during this activity leads to higher engagement.   Note:  Please email longer version to
Local OHV Issues
Other than OHV incidents, are there any problems that you are aware of, dealing with or would like the students to have knowledge of?  (ie: riding on public roads; public parks; cutting fences and entering private property without permission,....) 
OHV Kudos
What are some positive activities that local OHV users are involved in?  (ie:  fund raisers, land use partnerships, high family involvement, respect for private and public lands...) 
Local Common / Public OHV Riding Areas
Where are OHV users riding?  (ie:  old rail beds, designated OHV riding areas; day/overnight use areas; private property, frozen waterways...)  Please include an approximate distance from town if applicable.  (i.e. 2 hr drive, 10km...) 
Are there unique bylaws in your community to open/close specific riding areas?
Other Info/Comments
Please share with us any further information/experiences that might relate to our OHV presentation.   Also, please let us know if you have any questions for us.  
Photos or other digital files
A picture is worth a 1000 words.  If you have photos, maps or documents that you would like to share please forward them to .  They may be included in the presentation or shared in online activities to take place prior to or following our school visit.
Any questions, please contact  Lori or Joan at 403-850-3042 or